President's message

Which is an ultimate treatment?

The cancer and the rheumatoid arthritis which pricks many people. The activity of biopharmaceuticals is conspicuous newly.
Molecule target antibody, immune check point inhibitor, CAR-T cell-therapy ・・・
Herceptin® annually prescribed for more than millions breast cancer patients and is raising a remarkable therapeutic effect, but HER2 positive patient doesn't reach 30 % of total breast cancer. Molecule target antibody that is possible to rescue breast cancer patient of the remainder doesn't appear yet.
On the other hand, the new cancer cell attack strategy, immune check point inhibitor, Opdivo® and Keytruda® and so on appeared. The immune check point inhibitor revealed the complete response which is not in the past spread to the whole world. However, a lot of cases which aren't effective at all as the treatment example increases.
Next, the CAR-T cell therapy which is a new cancer treatment appeared. With the recombination gene technology, it is the T-cell treatment to strengthen offensive power to the cancer cell. It is known that the example that the cancer does complete recovery increases and the effects at not only blood caner but also solid cancer. However, the medical cost much more the common sense of the drug prices, and is expected when the considerable years hang to become widely used.
It is sure that biopharmaceuticals become the lead character of the cancer and the rheumatism, the obstinate disease treatment. However, any of these doesn't lead by guaranteeing complete recovery. It runs into a big stone wall, the serious side effect and the huge medical cost. Will we cannot help giving up biopharmaceuticals?

It is a chance as there is much difficulty

When looking at the treatment result which falls short of expectations or serious side effect at biopharmaceuticals which was said to be ultimate curative, we have hesitated whether or not for it to be permitted to continue development just as it is.
It is not so. When the failure and the problem become clear, it is a forward movement.
The information that we human being can know for the life activity is only a handful. However, we should regard the essence of the life activity and the disease as being hidden in the problem. Because it knew that there was a variety in the cause of disease, the treatment should head for the diversification, too.
If therapeutic effect of the cancer doesn't come out only with the molecule target drug, it thinks of the treatment to have used the other drug. If the essence of the immunity becomes clear, it suppresses side effect by cytokine neutralization antibody to the serious side effect, CRS. We are not about which treatment it should choose, but we should think of the combination of which treatment suits.
The specialty is a high technology about DNA recombination technology and cell culture technology, but it is valuable being confronted with the sick essence, avoiding from fixed idea and existing specialty.
If we can see through the essence of the life activity which lurks in the back of the appearing problem, we surely move forward.

President Motoyoshi Okamura